Ringco is an oilfield service company specializing in heavy haul trucking, rig moving, crane service, and general transport. We offer the personalized service that national companies just can’t provide. Forget the automated menu and contact Ringco today.

Family-Owned and Operated

Ringco is a family-owned and operated oilfield trucking company that strives to provide excellent, customer-focused service. We focus on efficient delivery and safe worksites.

We focus on personalized service that sets us apart from our competition. We know our employees and each of our clients. Every delivery job, no matter if it’s a complete rig move or hot shot load, will receive care and personalized attention.

If you’re tired of just being another number, contact us today.

Oil Rig Hauling

Ringco specializes in major oil rig moves. We have the experienced staff and fleet of rig moving trucks that allow us to perform efficient, safe rig moves throughout the Permian Basin. Our rig movers are hand-selected to provide the timely delivery of whatever large, heavy haul machinery you need to be moved.

At the heart of Ringco’s oil rig hauling operations is our customer-focused attitude. A rig move is a large-scale operation that requires planning and attention to detail. The big national companies can lose sight of those details. You’re just another number to them.

Ringco treats all of their clients as if they were a member of their family. We strive to understand each project inside and out so that we’re able to execute efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking for personalized service and a customer representative that knows your name, contact Ringco today.

Crane Service

Ringco is also a crane service company that can help with your oil & gas and other industrial lifting needs. Our experienced crane operators will help you with the heavy lifting your project requires. We hire only the best crane operators, with excellent safety records and a can-do approach to projects.

Unlike the larger crane companies, which may send you the first available operator, when you contract with Ringco, you can expect a crane operator with experience with the kind of lifting you need and the kind of project you’re working on.

Our operators have experience with public and private construction, bridge building, tower building, and--of course--oil & gas rig and derrick assembly and disassembly. We’ll prioritize your project and get our equipment to you fast. Contact us today to experience the personalized service Ringco offers.

Oilfield Trucking

We began as a two-person hot shot trucking company. Even though we’ve grown exponentially, we can still help with your oil & gas supply chain needs. Our experienced drivers will ensure that your time-sensitive loads are delivered when you need them.

Unlike the larger companies, when you work with Ringco, you’ll get the chance to speak directly with your driver so that you’re comfortable they understand the delivery and your needs. Larger companies don’t offer the same care and consideration for your schedule and time.

If you’re ready to see the Ringco difference, contact us today. We’ll treat your delivery with the care and attention larger companies simply can’t muster. If you need a quick delivery on your terms, contract with Ringco.

Fully Licensed, Insured, And Registered

Ringco is listed with both ISNetworld and Veriforce/PEC. We’ve streamlined the process for contracting with us as much as possible. You can view our licensure, insurance, and safety compliance online. Contact us for more information.

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