Ringco is an oilfield service company founded by Jared and Deanna Ring. We’re a trucking company specializing in oil rig moving, heavy haul trucking, and crane services. We offer a more personalized experience for our clients. If you’re tired of automated phone menus and sales representatives that can’t remember your name, contact us today.

Oilfield Transportation Company in Midland-Odessa

Ringco began as a hot shot trucking company. We grew, year after year, and are now one of the most respected oil rig moving companies in all of West Texas. We offer the kind of personalized service that large companies, often hauling upwards of 30-50 rigs a month, can’t.

We’re also a crane service company. We staff a host of fully licensed, safety-focused crane operators that can help in the oilfield or with your construction project. Whatever your industrial lifting needs, we can help.

Our employees are second-to-none, and we select them only after a rigorous screening process to determine their qualifications, dedication to safety, and commitment to teamwork. If you need heavy hauling, industrial lifting, or any logistics or shipping, contact us today.

The Oilfield Trucking Company From Humble Beginnings

Jared Ring worked on rigs for most of his adult life. Global oil prices plummeted in 2014, and like many, Jared was left with little work and dwindling prospects in the oilfield.

Oilfield jobs dried up. There was massive unemployment in West Texas and other oil-rich parts of the United States. After getting desperate, Jared got ahold of a gooseneck trailer and a flatbed truck and began driving hotshots.

During the early years of Ringco, Jared and his wife Deanna were the only two employees at Ringco. Jared drove, performed all vehicle maintenance, and even performed sales. Deanna performed clerical work while waiting tables to help make ends meet.

Jared and Deanna’s swift transportation and personalized service gave Ringco a good name with even major companies. Soon, they had more oilfield trucking jobs than Jared alone could handle. That’s when Deanna got her Commercial Driver’s License and began running long-haul jobs.

Ringco eventually grew. They hired more drivers and bought more trucks. They began offering crane services and industrial lifting. Now, they manage a large workload while still managing to provide personalized service and customer-focused results.

Efficiency, Safety, and Family

Jared and Deanna’s experience during the years following Ringco’s founding formed the way they run their company every day. From those early years, Ringco has taken three key principles as their core values.


Ringco puts safety at the core of its business to protect its clients and to protect their employees. A safe workplace is fundamental to smooth oil & gas operations. Accidents can cause delays, and delays can cost money--a lot of money. Even more importantly, though, accidents hurt people.


As a small company, Ringco needs to be as efficient as possible. They’ve worked to hone down the essential processes and create the smoothest working environment possible. Jared, Deanna, and the team at Ringco always keep an eye on schedules, deadlines, and projects to ensure their timely completion.


Oilfield companies are notorious for being difficult workplaces. Since the early days when it was just Jared and Deanna, the two always made sure they were looking out for each other and keeping themselves safe. They saw the value of this and have made sure to make it a core part of their business philosophy. Employees and clients alike will always be a part of the Ringco family.

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