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Permian Basin Transportation Services

When you contract with Ringco, you can expect rig movers dedicated to ensuring the timely delivery of your oilfield equipment safely and effectively. You’re more than a number with us. We’re deeply invested in the success of your rig move.

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Heavy Haul Trucking

For your transport needs, give us a call!

Ringco began as a simple trucking company hauling loads wherever they could. Now, Ringco specializes in oilfield transportation services--heavy hauling, trucking, and more. Our experienced drivers will ensure your load arrives both safe and on time.

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Crane Services

No job is too big or too small!

As part of our oilfield service, we’re a crane service company and can offer the experience, expertise, and safety your rig or construction project requires. Our experienced crane operators will ensure your project is completed perfectly.

Career Opportunities

At Ringco, You’re More Than A Number

Most oil rig moving companies are part of a larger oilfield service company. When you call, you’ll be greeted by an automated phone service. If you’re lucky, you may eventually get an actual human being on the phone. At these national companies, you’re just a number. They’re hauling almost 70 rigs a month, and the people you speak with--when you get to talk with them--are far down the company’s food chain and have limited investment into the success of your rig move. With Ringco, you’re more than a number. As a smaller company, Ringco can give your move the personal attention it requires to be efficient, fast, and safe. You’ll be able to speak with owners and stakeholders directly. When you call us, you’ll speak with an actual human being. Contract with Ringco and become more than just another face in the crowd.

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Career Opportunities with Ringco

Safety. Efficiency. Family.

If you’re a trucker, crane operator, or other oilfield professional looking to find your new family, send us your resume. As a trucking and crane company, we always need experienced operatives. When you work with Ringco, you’ll find your new family. We strive to create a work environment that prioritizes people over profits, that’s dedicated to providing a realistic work/life balance, and that prioritizes teamwork and camaraderie. At Ringco, you can expect steady work and an atmosphere of achievement. If you’re ready to find your new family, apply today.

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